5 tips to click a perfect picture

How to capture a perfect image

Ever wondered why even after clicking 1000 shots, not a single picture is perfect?

There is always something missing right? Do not worry because I’ve got that something covered today for you. Let’s take a look at how to create a perfect picture.

perfect picture

Photography is an art. But unlike other art forms, it is less abstract and more technical. You need to learn how to operate a lot of equipment at once. Learning all of those might be difficult for somebody who is not trained. But there are certain tricks which can make your pictures look exactly like one clicked by a professional photographer.

Here are 5 basic photography tips to capture a great picture.

1. Make Your Subject Pop by Using Bokeh

Bookeh effect

Make your subject pop from the background and let the background be blurr. This would create a Bokeh effect. This would enhance your image 10 folds. Use an open aperture lens for shallow depth of field. It separates the subject from the background.

Best lenses that you can use are:
1.  Canon 50 mm 1.4 lens
2. Sony 50 mm 1.4 lens
3. Nikon 50 mm 1.4 lens

2. Frame Your picture using camera grid lines

use grid lines in view finder

I frame my shots using in-camera grid lines in the viewfinder. Gridlines act like a guide to where your subject should be in a picture. It helps excluding the part which you don’t want to capture. An image is a play of ratios. Once you get the ratio correct, rest everything can be edited. I also prefer using viewfinder app for more accurate framing.

Best viewfinder free tools:
1. Magic canon viewfinder free
2. Magic sony viewfinder free
3. Magic Nikon viewfinder free

3. Make Sure You Have Good Lighting

importance of good lighting in photographyLight. Light. Light. Photography is a game of light. Light plays a key role in capturing great photos. For good lighting in indoor use flashes or strobe with a diffuser. For outdoor, I would suggest using reflectors.

But as I always say, It is not necessary that you use a studio light and too many lighting equipments. You can use free sunlight and play with it even in your indoor shoots. Open your viewfinder and see where the light is perfect for your photos.

use grid lines in view finder

The best flash and reflector options:
1. Godox ad200 flash with parabolic softbox for canon, sony, Nikon
2. Reflector 48 cm 5 in 1 Osaka or shopee

4. Pick Up a Tripod

tripod is so important

To avoid blurry photos in any light condition, it is best to use a tripod. It prevents the camera from shaking. Especially in low light, a tripod does wonders for hassle-free shooting. You can also use slow shutter speed and create amazing clicks.

Our suggestions:
1. Digitech
2. simplex
3. Manfrotto

5.- Use a Polarizing Filter for that perfect picture

polarizing filter

For outdoor photography, filters can be the life savior accessories for a Photographer. A polarizing filter is a must-have.  It cuts the light to stop and pop the color on a bright sunny day. It also helps in the indoor shoots as well.

Filters that you might use:
1. Hoya-Digital-Filter-Camera-Pouch
2. Vivitar-77mm-Piece-Fundamental-Filter

Bonus Tip!:  Sometimes you try to capture a moving subject and by the time you take out your heavy cam, it’s gone. The best way to capture this is to use your mobile camera. Using the camera shortcut at this time would allow you to capture the picture which could be missed otherwise.

photography is deeply technical



Creating a perfect picture requires great skill. But there are certain areas where anybody can focus and create a great picture. I hope you like these tips. Do apply them whenever you click pictures next time. These tips work for both mobile and camera. So what are you waiting for? Go and click awesome pictures. Do let me know in the comments what have you clicked today.

P.S. I don’t mind looking at selfies but don’t forget to make it perfect by using the above tips. 😉

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